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Defiance, America

When a white man is defiant, he is strong.
He waves his flag, and with open arms we receive his testimony.
We never ask for citations.
He is "standard." He is unbiased fact.
He is a patriot asking for what is owed to him.
He commands respect; it is given.
When he speaks, he is heard.
He does not have to raise his voice.
He does anyway.
If no one listens he calls for war and we rise to fight for him, even when he's wrong.
He doesn't apologize.
It is omitted when we recount history.
When a white woman is defiant, she is a victim --  to a system that has always been patriarchal…
The one that shoved her into the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.
She shouts to be heard -- at God and at man.
She is loved…
Enough for society to hear her beckoning call.
She is 9 o'clock news segments, milk carton faces; she is Amber (alert), Miss America, and the reason for anti-MIScegenation.
She is beautiful. She has an entire 16 minutes of fame -- we see her everywhere.
Damsel in…

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